In Which I Try This Again

First post on a fresh new blog.  It’s exciting and scary and all kinds of things.

oh no

If you’re reading this right now when it’s all new, you’re probably at least passingly familiar with my old blog.  My old blog that I loved almost like a child (cos it filled me with stress and joy in equal measures), but decided to say goodbye to cos stalking’s a fucking bitch, yo.

I always felt guilty posting about non-book related stuff over there, cos BOOK was right in the name, but I DIDN’T MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE THIS TIME!  No, this blog will be for my opinions.  Cos I haz them.  Books?  Yes.  Music?  Also yes.  Movies, television, Peter Jackson sucking?  Yes, yes, yesssssssss.

❤ you guys.  Thanks for following me again.


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